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meet your maker



▪️ Memory: 8 GB
▪️ Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R9 270X
▪️ CPU: Intel Core i5-6600
▪️ File Size: Unknown
▪️ OS: Windows 10
▪️ Memory: 8 GB
▪️ Graphics Card: AMD
Radeon RX 580
▪️ CPU: Intel Core i7-4770
▪️ File Size: Unknown
▪️ OS: Windows 10


meet your maker available platforms

▪️ Play Station 5 (PS5)

▪️ Play Station 4 (PS4)

▪️ X Box One

▪️ xbox series x

▪️ xbox series s

▪️ windows

is meet your maker multiplayer?

Play by yourself or with a friend as you plan sneaky Outposts that resemble mazes and are filled with traps and guards. Then, get ready for methodical, quick-fire battle as you raid other players’ inventions. Every Review: 80% of the 568 user reviews for this game are positive (568 total).

meet your maker tips and tricks

1. Patience pays dividends

Not right away. Although it may appear that you must hurry to retrieve the genetic material, you are allowed to take your time when exploring player-made dungeons. The majority of traps may be avoided with diligence, so pay close attention to the corners, floors, and ceilings when exploring.

And when you do set off an unanticipated event? The optimal move is almost always the reverse. The best course of action will typically be to drop back to a familiar location as long as you have cleared the road behind you. But, beware of cunning vertical patterns that could shower death on you from above or behind.

2. But speed can see you through some gauntlets

Overall, moving slowly and steadily is preferable, but when you are familiar with a room or corridor, moving quickly might be helpful. While most traps don’t set off right away, you can usually get through them by quickly grappling around them. Make sure you are aware of the existence of a secure area to pause on the other side of the peril.

3. Always explore for Forsaken Tombs first

It is always worthwhile to conduct a brief outside search for Forsaken Tombs before entering a base. They make a loud, whirring sound that makes these lighted coffins easy to locate. When you destroy one, it will release a substantial quantity of materials for you to gather. There are typically two each level, but vengeful builders occasionally barricade access to them.

4. Melee first, shoot second

Meet Your Maker’s initial crossbow has merely two bolts. Two. Yes, you can reclaim them, but doing so could expose you to other traps. Prioritize using your melee rather than your firearms. You’ll be able to store your ammunition until you need it and improve your ability to distinguish between various sorts of traps.

5. Grapple often

Double jumping is limited to one hop before landing, however grappling is unlimited. Early on, practise using this to scale building walls or travel fast through terrain. You can hang in place for a brief period of time after grappling onto a wall or ceiling before detaching. You can maintain yourself in a secure position for a long time if you manually lower and refire your grapple. That can provide you the space and perspective you need to evaluate the threats that lie ahead in a larger area.

6. Let guards come to you

Guards can be a hassle, but typically only up close. When a guard spots you, it’s best to move out of the way as much as you can. Break line of sight if there is a clear path for a walking or flying guard. They’ll follow you right around the corner you’re hiding in, giving you a convenient opportunity to fight them. Armoured guards and bulky Warmonger melee guards with double blades are the only exceptions to this rule. If you miss one of them with a close-range strike, they will instantly kill you.

7. Be wary of ramps

Watch your verticality. In Meet Your Creator, the areas where you must ascend or descend are some of the most hazardous. Your range of movement is drastically reduced, and traps might be hidden in angles that are harder for you to perceive.

Bombs falling from above are incredibly challenging to avoid while climbing, As you descend, though, you run the risk of stepping into a trap and being caught in it before you have a chance to see it. Keep that grapple ready and move gently across these places.

Quick tips:

▪️ Melee attacks will break the Iron Claw trap’s grapples

▪️ Don’t shoot the harvester, they’ll lead you to the Genmat on maze-like maps

▪️ A quality HyperX gaming headset will ensure you can always hear guards and traps coming!

▪️ Upgrading your crossbow will increase its ammo count

▪️ Pair up in co-op for a far easier time

▪️ Remember to trigger advisor boosts to increase your earnings

▪️ Guards can’t leave the edges of the level, so you can take out melee attackers from safety

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