Clash royale new update season 47 | new champion hog rider (Terry) Clash royale new update season 47 May 2023

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In the upcoming new season 47 in clash royale, supercell will release many new things. Like: New Book Of Clash, New Super Champion Hog Rider (Terry), New Emotes, New Events, Banners, Skins, etc. many more. Details below. 


▪️ Book Of Clash

Graphic novel collection with Clash characters to launch in May, and will be the star in May for Clash Royale. This is an epic new series of graphic novels set in the world of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

From Official Site of Supercell

"My kids and I have been Supercell fans ever since we first played Clash of Clans many, many years ago. We've always loved not just the game mechanics, but also the characters and the world. I am so thrilled to be a part of the team that gets to flesh out those characters and that world! I can't wait to show graphic novel fans what we've built."
From Official

▪️ Super Champion Hog Rider (Terry)

Straight From the Books of Clash. Terry is the First Super Champion to enter the Arena! His Ability, Hoggy Heights, deals Damage From the skies!

Super Champion Hog Rider (Terry) Details:

Elixir- 4.0

Rarity- Champion

Type- Troop

It has Ability

Dash Distance- 99.99

Dash Damage- 500

Cooldown- 7 sec.

Hitpoints- 2300

Damage- 350

Damage per sec.- 218

Targets- Buildings

Range- Melee: Short

 Hit Speed- 1.6 sec.

Speed- Very Fast

▪️ Boosted Card

In this season 47 there are troops will be boosted.

▪️ Hog ▪️ Ram Rider ▪️ Monk



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