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The Countess is a Hero who can be obtained by opening Chests, purchasing items from the Shop, or purchasing the Mini Pass at Tier 10. The Countess is a single-target melee unit with low damage output and moderate hitpoints.


About Countess
Damage Per Hit 1
HP 9
Hit Per Second 1.15
Energy Cost


Feed -

“Super: Appear behind the weakest enemy, dealing 3 damage and healing herself for 3 HP”
The Countess has a Super ability that allows her to teleport behind the enemy with the lowest health, dealing 3 damage and healing herself for 3 health.

Feast -

“+1 damage when attacking enemies from behind and beside”
(Unlocked upon reaching Level 4 Countess) Countess deals 1 more damage to enemies if she attacks them from behind or beside, for a total of 2 damage per hit.

Fear -

“Feed prevents nearby enemies from healing for a short time”
(Unlocked upon reaching Level 8 Countess) Any enemy that is hit by Feed will not be able to heal for a short time.