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Skeleton King

A new HERO has arrived in clash mini skeleton king. He has some special abilities (Spooky Pop, How Dare You, I am Back)

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Skeleton King

About  Skeleton King

TYPE - Hero


HIT / SEC. - 0.35 sec.

HP - 16


ABILITIES - Spooky Pop, How Dare You, I am Back 

ABILITIES of Skeleton King

Specially, he has 3 abilities ( Spooky Pop, How Dare You, I am Back)

Here are some details about abilities.

1) Spooky Pop 

" Super: Swing his mace, dealing 3 damage and knocking back nearby enemies. "

2) How Dare You! -

" Attacks deal 1 bonus damage to Isolated enemies ''

 3) I am back - 

" Boast: Gain 1 Soul. Upon being Koed, come back to battle with 6 HP plus 6 HP per Soul "


BEST Decks For Skeleton King -

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